The Uniform Liens Act

A lien is a legal claim against property that can prevent it from being sold unless the lien is paid off. This project examined the law governing the liens of repairers, storers, and common carriers. These commercial liens are supposed to provide persons who have repaired, stored, or transported goods to secure payment of the charges owed for the services provided. The existing law has become outdated, inflexible, and inefficient, and no longer provides an appropriate means of securing payment for outstanding obligations. The principal recommendation made is that the Uniform Liens Act, prepared by the Uniform Law Conference of Canada, be adopted to govern these liens.

Keywords: liens, legislation, Uniform Liens Act, Repairers Lien Act, Warehouse Lien Act, storage, storers, common carriers liens, Personal Property Security Act, business & non-profits, transportation, debt, consumer, Uniform Law Conference of Canada

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