Woodworker Lien Act (1994)

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Keywords: logging; forest; product; logger; worker; woodworker; lien; log; timber; harvesting; hauling; value; owner; employee; unpaid; wage; payroll; contractor; payment; property; security; interest; priority; enforcement; obsolete; repeal; Woodworker Lien Act

The Woodworker Lien Act is a statute intended to entitle workers in the forest industry to secure payment of wages owed by filing a lien, which is a form of security interest that is registered against property. Since its enactment the Act has not been systematically reviewed or analyzed, and both the language used and the practices prescribed within it are in need of an update. Draft legislation is presented that would repeal the legislation and replace it with a more modern framework.  

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137. Report on the Woodworker Lien Act

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Consultative Documents

68. Liens for Logging Work

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Report on the Woodworker Lien Act

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