Workplace Dispute Resolution Project

The Ministry of Labour asked the British Columbia Law Institute (BCLI) to conduct legal research and analysis in relation to workplace dispute resolution mechanisms in British Columbia.

BC workplaces have evolved significantly over the years, both in terms of the types of employer-employee relationships and the nature of the conflicts that emerge from within the workplace.  The BCLI conducted an international review of approaches to resolving workplace conflict and investigating the range of labour and employment conflict resolution systems in operation in other parts of Canada and select other countries, with a view to highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of various approaches.

Keywords: workplace dispute resolution, labour, employment, human rights, reform, consultation, super tribunal, workplace tribunal, Labour Relations Code, Human Rights Act, Employment Standards Act, Human Rights Tribunal, Labour Relations Board, Employment Standards Tribunal, collective bargaining, British Columbia, jurisdiction, expertise, international comparative research, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand.


Related Files

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