Backgrounder no. 2 – Consultation Paper on Contribution after Settlement under the Negligence Act

Published: 2013-03-26 00:00:00
Paper Number:
Project: Contribution after Settlement under the Negligence Act
Sector: Tort Law,

This consultation paper contains proposals to amend the Negligence Act to deal with issues arising in multiparty litigation when one or more (but not all) of a number of defendants enter into a settlement agreement with the plaintiff and a non-settling defendant subsequently asserts its right to contribution or indemnity against a settling defendant. The proposals are open for public comment until 30 September 2013. Responses to this consultation paper received before that time will be considered in the preparation of the final report for this project, which is due in fall 2013.

This project is being carried out at the invitation of the Ministry of Justice for British Columbia.

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