Unfair Contracts Relief Backgrounder No. 2 – Consultation Paper on Proposals for Unfair Contracts Relief

Published: 2010-12-14 00:00:00
Paper Number:
Project: Unfair Contracts Relief
Sector: Consumer Protection,

Th Unfair Contracts Relief Project is a two-year law-reform project.  The project’s focus is on general concepts in the law of contracts that addres the problem of contractual unfairness.  Its goal is to produce a final report that considers draft legislation containing reforms to these general concepts.  The consultation paper sets out tentative recommendations for reform.  These tentative recommendations contain policy positions that may form the foundation for a proposed Contract Fairness Act for the project’s final report.  The BCLI invites public comment on these tentative recommendations, to help shape the final recommendations for the project.

The Unfair Contracts Relief Project has been made possible by funding from the Law Fondation of British Columbia.

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