April 4, 2024

Family Business Breakdown: Family businesses fuel economic abuse in legal battles

British Columbia Law Institute’s project on economic abuse and family law litigation is examining how family businesses can become a vehicle for family violence. Small businesses make up 98% of businesses in British Columbia.[i] Many of these are family run. When there is a family breakdown, the business can become central Read more…

November 6, 2023

BCLI welcomes updates to money judgments enforcement legislation

BCLI is pleased to mark two legislative developments that will update and modernize the civil enforcement of money judgments in BC. These legal changes will make it easier for parties to collect the money they are owed following a civil judgment. On October 26, 2023, the Money Judgment Enforcement Act Read more…

January 28, 2016

BCLI responds to Ministry of Finance white paper on Society Act reform

BCLI seeks public input on proposals for a new Society Act

Announcing the formation of the Society Act Reform Project Committee