July 23, 2021

BCLI recommendations on child employment to be implemented in October 2021

Forthcoming changes to employment standards for children and young workers announced in a news release on 21 July 2021 by the Ministry of Labour will implement recommendations contained in BCLI’s 2018 Report on the Employment Standards Act.  BCLI’s report pointed out that the statutory rules in effect in BC for Read more…

January 27, 2016

CCEL Announces Online Launch of Family Caregiving Study Paper

BCLI Publishes Report on the Workplace Dispute Resolution Project

BCLI to Research Workplace Dispute Resolution

November 2, 2010

54. Workplace Dispute Resolution Project

In May 2010 the Ministry of Labour asked the BCLI to conduct a short, focused, comparative legal research project on workplace dispute resolution. The BCLI report involved an international review of existing legal frameworks for resolving workplace conflicts arising out of unionized and non-unionized working environments and including discrimination in Read more…