November 12, 2015

Community Event- Social isolation and Older Women

The Canadian Centre for Elder Law was invited to present at the community Raising Awareness for Seniors event hosted by CARP Chapter 48 on November 9th 2015. With over 90 seniors were in attendance, CCEL staff delivered an interactive presentation on strategies to increase social connections with seniors based on learning’s Read more…

August 31, 2012

CCEL to Conduct Public Consultations with Older Women

Vancouver, 31 August 2012 —The Canadian Centre for Elder Law has launched a new research initiative to study the pressing legal and social policy issues impacting older women.

This project will be the first BC community-engaged legal research project focused on older women. The project aims to identify and raise awareness about the legal and policy issues that most impact older women, and to encourage professionals who develop law and policy, and the elder law community in general, to consider and address these issues.