Undue Influence and Will-Making

This series examines and compares recommendations made in several BCLI reports and those made by the Law Commission of England and Wales. To read the other posts in the series click here. Undue influence can be defined as a situation where a person is pressured to perform a legal act, and where Read more…

By Allison Curley, ago

BCLI Releases Recommended Practices Guide for Lawyers and Notaries Concerning Undue Influence Relating to Wills

Vancouver, 20 January 2012 — The British Columbia Law Institute (BCLI) has just published Recommended Practices for Wills Practitioners Relating to Potential Undue Influence:  A Guide.  This guidebook helps lawyers and notaries recognize “red flags” suggesting undue influence when receiving instructions to prepare a will, and in preventing later challenges that could lead to a will being invalidated.