Societies Act comes into force today

Today British Columbia’s new not-for-profit corporate statute, the Societies Act, comes into force. The new act replaces the old Society Act. Today also marks the beginning of a two-year transition period, for existing societies to transition from the old act to the new act. Both the government of British Columbia Read more…

BCLI welcomes Bill 24, the new Societies Act

The British Columbia Law Institute applauds the introduction of Bill 24, which will create a modern Societies Act for British Columbia. The bill implements the bulk of the recommendations made in BCLI’s Society Act Reform Project. “This bill is a landmark for British Columbia’s not-for-profit sector,” said Margaret Mason, chair Read more…

By Kevin Zakreski, ago

BCLI Publishes Supplementary Report on Proposals for a New Society Act as Response to Ministry Discussion Paper

Today the British Columbia Law Institute published its response to the Ministry of Finance’s discussion paper (2011) on reform of the Society Act, in the form of a Supplementary Report on Proposals for a New Society Act. This report is a supplement to the BCLI’s 2008 Report on Proposals for a New Society Act.

The supplementary report sets out the areas of agreement between the BCLI’s 2008 report and the ministry’s proposals in the form of a chart and discusses a series of alternative approaches to selected issues that the ministry should consider pursuing.

By Alison Taylor, ago