BCLI Publishes Final Report for Phase One of Strata Property Law Project

Vancouver, 30 November 2012—Today, the British Columbia Law Institute has published its Report on Strata Property Law: Phase One, bringing Phase One of its Strata Property Law Project to a close. The report’s major conclusion is that the time is now ripe to begin planning for the next generation of British Columbia’s strata-property legislation through a phase-two law-reform project.

BCLI Launches Phase One of Strata Property Law Project

Vancouver, 16 March 2012 — The British Columbia Law Institute is beginning phase one of a project on strata-property law.

“Strata properties are an important and dynamic part of British Columbia’s real-estate sector,” noted BCLI executive director Jim Emmerton. “With this project, the BCLI intends to begin a process to ensure that the next generation of the Strata Property Act keeps abreast of developments in the field.”

By Alison Taylor, ago