BCLI Publishes Final Report for Phase One of Strata Property Law Project

30 November 2012

By Alison Taylor

Vancouver, 30 November 2012—Today, the British Columbia Law Institute has published its Report on Strata Property Law: Phase One, bringing Phase One of its Strata Property Law Project to a close. The report’s major conclusion is that the time is now ripe to begin planning for the next generation of British Columbia’s strata-property legislation through a phase-two law-reform project.

“In carrying out Phase One of the Strata Property Law Project we had an opportunity to consult with some of the leading lights in the strata-property field in British Columbia,” said BCLI Chair Tino Di Bella. “Their view, which proved to be in agreement with our own research, was that a phase-two project is necessary.”

The phase-one report sets out the results of the project’s consultation and identifies the issues that should be addressed in Phase Two of the Strata Property Law Project.

The full text of the report and a backgrounder on it are both available on the BCLI website.

The Strata Property Law Project—Phase One has been made possible by the generous support of the Notary Foundation of British Columbia.

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