Proposals for a Contract Law Reform Act (1998)

Project Status: Completed
Project Contact: British Columbia Law Institute
Telephone Number: (604) 822-0142
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The general law of contracts is almost entirely a creation of the courts. Legislative intervention has been rare. Statutes in British Columbia contain six instances of intervention in relation to the general law of contract. Five of these consist of particular sections of the Law and Equity Act and the sixth takes the form of separate statute. The current legislative distribution is unsatisfactory in that it makes access to these provisions much more difficult than necessary. This project considers the adoption of a Contract Law Reform Act, which would bring together the provisions and set them out in an accessible fashion.

Keywords: contract, business & non-profits, deeds, stipulations not of the essence, part performance, conditions precedent, performance under protest, frustrated contracts, illegal contracts

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4. Proposals for a Contract Law Reform Act

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Proposals for a Contract Law Reform Act

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