Consultation Paper on Complex Stratas

Published: 2016-09-01
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Project: Strata Property Law – Phase Two
Sector: Family Law, Property Law,

The British Columbia Law Institute began work on the Strata Property Law Project–Phase 2 in summer 2013. This consultation is the second published during the project. It deals with three legal devices for addressing concerns raised by complex stratas: (1) sections, which allow for the creation of mini strata corporations; (2) types, which allow for the allocation, to specific strata lots, of expenses paid for out of a strata corporation’s operating fund; and (3) phases, which allow for the development of strata properties in segments over an extended period of time.

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The consultation on Complex Stratas will remain open until 15 January 2017. There are two ways to participate: complete our short Summary Consultation or weigh in with greater depth using our Response Booklet.

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