Quarterly update for the Strata Property Law Project

2 October 2017

By Kevin Zakreski

During the period from July to September 2017 the Strata Property Law Project—Phase Two saw continued progress on the committee’s review of selected governance issues. There also continued to be interest in completed committee work.

Progress on selected governance issues

The committee held three meetings in the period in the quarter. The bulk of the time at these meeting was spent considering governance issues for stratas.

“Governance” is potentially a huge topic, so the committee has narrowed its focus to take in only what it views to be the most pressing issues. To date, the committee has completed its review of bylaws and rules, statutory definitions affecting governance, and general meetings and strata council meetings. During the quarter, the committee agreed upon 20 tentative recommendations for reform.

Report on Complex Stratas

The committee’s Report on Complex Stratas (PDF) was published in late June, just at the end of the previous quarter. There has been initial interest in the publication, with 93 copies being downloaded (89 times from the BCLI website and a further four times from BCLI’s satellite publications page on the Social Science Research Network website).

Developments for termination legislation

There continues to be interest in and developments in connection with the new legislation on terminating a strata implemented in the wake of BCLI’s Report on Terminating a Strata (PDF).

Recently, the BC Supreme Court delivered a judgment on the first contested petition for an order confirming a winding-up resolution. There were also media reports on an uncontested termination in Coquitlam.

A look ahead

For the next quarter of 2017, the committee plans to continue its focus on remaining governance issues and to move on to consideration of selected common-property and land-title issues. It has scheduled an extra meeting in October. The committee’s goal is to combine these three topics in a single consultation paper, to be published in the new year.

Statistics on project publications, meetings, and website engagement

One of the goals of the project is to make its research and conclusions widely known to interested readers. Here are some statistics, tracking how that information is made available to and accessed by the public, during the third quarter of 2017:

  • number of project-committee meetings held: three
  • number of tentative recommendations made: 20
  • number of presentations and articles mentioning the project: two
  • number of pageviews of project page: 680
  • number of blog posts on strata-property topics: ten

Thanks to project funders

The Strata Property Law Project—Phase Two has been made possible by support from nine funding organizations. Support from the bulk of these organizations is reviewed from year-to-year. As of this quarter, all of these organizations are committed to fund the project through to its completion in June 2018. BCLI thanks the following organizations for continuing to support the project.

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