Strata Property Law Project marks its fifth anniversary

4 July 2018

By Kevin Zakreski

Today is the fifth anniversary of BCLI’s Strata Property Law Project—Phase Two. Highlights of the project’s fifth year include the consultation on governance issues for stratas and making progress on insurance issues and selected common-property and land-title issues.

Consultation on governance issues

The highlight of the year was the publication in March 2018 of the project’s third consultation paper, the Consultation Paper on Governance Issues for Stratas. The consultation paper contained 83 tentative recommendations on a host of governance issues, including standard bylaws, statutory definitions, meeting procedures, voting, proxies, and finances. These tentative recommendations were developed over the course of 18 project-committee meetings.

Publication of the consultation paper kicked off a three-month public consultation, running until 15 June 2018. This consultation resulted in one of the highest levels of response to a BCLI consultation paper. There were 290 responses in total, with 138 being responses to the full consultation paper and 152 responses to the three-question summary consultation.

The committee has met twice to consider the responses and possible changes to its tentative recommendations. BCLI staff are now at work on a draft of the final report on this subject, targeting publication for later in 2018.

Continuing work on insurance, common property, and land titles

Throughout the course of the year the committee also made progress on two other subjects: insurance issues and common-property and land-title issues. It has completed the initial work of formulating tentative recommendations. The committee has also completed review of a draft consultation paper addressing insurance issues. Project staff are currently at work preparing a consultation paper that will cover the committee’s tentative recommendations on common-property and land-title issues, as well as its existing tentative recommendations for reform of fundamental changes (apart from termination).

The plan is to publish both consultation papers later in 2018.

Project statistics

One of the goals of the project is to make its research and conclusions widely known to interested readers. Here are some statistics, tracking how that information is made available to and accessed by the public [no. for this year/ no. since project began in 2013]:

  • number of publications issued: 1/ 5
  • number of supporting documents issued: 2/ 22
  • number of committee meetings held: 13/ 54
  • number of presentations on, articles or broadcasts mentioning, and visits by scholars interested in the project: 2/ 22
  • number of BCLI blog posts about the project and strata-property law: 57/ 169
  • number of pageviews for project webpage: 4327/ 8881

A look ahead

The project committee has completed its work plan. Its regular meeting schedule is now at an end. As the project winds down, the goals for the future are to hold consultations on (1) insurance issues and (2) common property, land titles, and fundamental changes, and to publish final reports on those topics, as well as on governance issues.

Thanks to our supporters

The Strata Property Law Project—Phase Two has been made possible by support from nine funding organizations. Support from the bulk of these organizations has been reviewed from year-to-year. BCLI thanks the following organizations for supporting the project for five years:

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