September 21, 2013

Assisted Living Reform Project

There is a spectrum of housing options for older adults in British Columbia, with independent living on one end and long term residential care on the other. This project focused on the middle point in the spectrum – assisted living. Assisted living combines elements of independent living with some personal Read more…

September 8, 2013

Older Women’s Dialogue Project

Law and social policy reform often moves forward in a way that ignores gender. This is true of the experiences of older women, which remain remarkably invisible from aging policy analysis. This project is a collaboration with West Coast LEAF. The Older Women’s Dialogue Project explores: What are the pressing Read more…

September 2, 2013

DEAR: Dental Elder Abuse Response

Project Goals

The Canadian Centre for Elder Law is working with Runnymede Dental Centre in Toronto to develep materials and training focused on preventing abuse and neglect of older people, and supporting older adults to develop advance care plans around dental care and oral health.

The DEAR project has three fundamental goals:

September 1, 2013

Be a Savvy Senior: Fraud Protection Strategies for Seniors

Project Overview

The Canadian Centre for Elder Law has received funding from the Government of Canada, Human Resources and Social Development Canada, to create a series of educational tools to help seniors protect themselves from fraud. This series of tools will include:

June 20, 2013

Power of Attorney Elder Abuse Awareness Project

The Canadian Centre for Elder Law worked in partnership with Volunteer Richmond Information Services to develop a package of educational tools to help prevent abuse and misuse of powers of attorney in Chinese communities in Richmond, BC. Misuse of powers of attorney is one of the most commonly reported forms Read more…